Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hope you all had a great time at the Triennale!

Patsy Hely $250 ea

We're exhausted but we enjoyed meeting you all. Thanks for visiting Object.
Here are a few last images of the Pourers, which finishes this Sunday 26th July. We still have many amazing pieces that will make your everyday life even sweeter.

Shannon Garson $38 - $65

Simon Reece $90 ea

Honor Freeman $132 ea

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kenji Uranishi $88 ea

Cath O'Gorman $44 ea

Jane Sawyer $295 ea

Jan Howlin $147 - $295

Mollie Bosworth $90 - $138

Phil Elson $610 - $880 for set

Pourers Pourers everywhere...

So many pourers, so little time...thanks to everyone who has come along to check out the Pourers..they are happily finding new homes..if you haven't been here yet, don't forget that we are closed Mondays. I have posted some more photos of Pourers..the camera is getting a workout!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trisha Dean $95

William Lungas $145 - $255

Sharon Wessels $90 - $120

Phil Hart $180 - $280

Louise Boscacci $450 & $295

Liz Low $66 - $88 ea
Janet Mansfield $220 & $150

Janet DeBoos $450 & $220

Gerry Wedd (sold out)

Steve Sheridan from $66 ea

Sandra Black Ripple Jugs $120 ea

Brigitte Enders from $190 ea

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pourers have been pouring forth...

We have been receiving little boxes of ceramic goodness in the last few days, full of amazing pouring vessels, all shapes and sizes...here are a few photos for you...

Andrew Widdis $90 ea
Yi-Hui Wang
Chiko Jones $110 ea

Les Blakebrough

Tamara Hahn $230

Vicki Grima $66 ea

Owen Rye from $220 set
Sandy Lockwood from $180 ea

Marianne Huhn $185 ea

Mel Robson $90 ea

Malcolm Greenwood $140 ea

Keiko Matsui $88 ea

Lesa Farrant $190 ea

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pourers at Object Gallery, Sydney

In conjunction with all the exciting things that the upcoming Ceramics Triennale will bring to NSW, Object will host an extravaganza of pouring vessels from 40 makers. This will be a great chance to scoop up a collectible vessel, whether it be in the form of a creamer, decanter, gravy boat, a jug, olive oil drizzler or aged balsamic swizzlers, a pitcher, sake bottle, tea pot, tip them over, pour them out... generous objects which bring something special to a lone cup of tea in the morning or a shared evening meal. Pourers will provide a great opportunity for collectors (and makers!) to purchase a one-off piece! Please stay tuned, we will pop up images as we get them...
The cabinet will be on display and pieces available for sale from July 11 - 28th. Please give the gallery a call on 02 9361 4511 for further information.